Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Close!!!

Sooo the final semester of school has clearly not gone the way it was supposed to. Accounting has been a real bitch..apparently it has been too long since my last accounting class. I am riding a 75.39 percent right now..perhaps my lowest grade EVER in college (except for the one I failed for partying too much). Point is, I am an A student...a B at the least. Two classes left after tomorrow. Just want to be done at this point.

Tomorrow is the one month anniversar of my grandmother passing away. I can't believe it's been a month already...It is just no easier than it was since the downward process started. I know she is much better off with God and the rest of her family that went before her...and Grandpa. It just hurts and it's impossible to believe how much things have changed in the last three months. I am praying our family stays strong through this and stays together...because I truly think that's what grandma would want. Every time we pass a cemetary MJ asks if that's where Grandma Doane is. Then she's reminded that she is gone and it makes her upset. One of the hardest parts of all of this has been trying to help her understand...though she has definately done her share to help me by reminding me that "grandma is always in my heart". And she is.

Never went and did the ultrasound. That is right when life started to get crazy and it honestly slipped my mind. It doesn't feel any different to me though, so I will def go back this summer just for the check.

We moved right in the middle of grandma being in the hospital and being real sick. I do love the new apt though! I wish it was an apt where there were no other people sometimes, but the neighbors really aren't bad for the most part. Last Friday at 1230a I had to go up stairs and ask the young kid (he's like 24) to quiet down a little and that was surpisingly hard for me. Usually I am a real bully:) I do like the house though...no complaints yet;)

I am currently looking for a second job to do just on the nights/times when MJ is gone w/ her dad. I am hoping just to make some extra money so things aren't so time. I don't really want to work, but I'll do what needs to be done for the time-being.

MJ turned 5 yesterday. Yep, 5. IT IS INSANELY difficult to believe. Looking back on the past 5 years--almost 6 really...I wonder if a lot of the decisions I made were the right ones. I still wonder if I am making the right ones. I may never know..but looking back, I wouldn't change anything. I am really proud of who MJ is and who she is becoming. She isn't perfect-but I don't know a kid that is. I love her more than anything and I am going to do whatever it takes to make her happy!

Keep my friend (and her family) in mind who lost her mother a couple of weeks ago, unexpectedly. I am keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers during what must be a really difficult time. I know what I have seen my mom go through, so I can only imagine the pain she and her sisters feel. Mom shape us into who we are and these three young ladies are very awesome and their mom is definately proud of them.

Prayers for the following (short list): Sam-about to make it through her first year..only two and a half more and then I can have another niece/nephew! Kristine-her oldest is about to graduate from HS and get ready for college:) Jessie-I love you..You are a strong woman! My family-that we can all enjoy easter and be merry together. Terp-for pink eye to go away quick and a great time in Mexico. MJ-that she stops acting 5 when she's bad!


  1. Cassie!!! This was SUCH a good blog!! I love seeing you be able to express yourself!! I can't believe MJ is 5 already!!! That means WE are getting older, too!!!! Girl-you've been in my prayers (for school, grandma doane, and MJ!). Keep going girl-you are strong and doing sooo well for yourself!!!

  2. Thanks girly:) Tonight the blog really helped. And we will def take all of the prayers and good thoughts we can get...goondess knows we need them sometimes!!

  3. Great blog Cassie! If you ever need anything you know I am here for you. Thanks for the prayers, you and your family are in mine as well. We're celebrating when I get back from Mexico!